Educational Foundation

The Greenburgh Eleven Union Free School Distrct has established a tax-deductible foundation to raise funds to enhance and enrich the educational program for all grades K-12. The foundation's address is: Greenburgh Eleven Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 161, Purchase, New York 10577-9161.


Choking Game
It has been brought to our attention that some students in our school are involved in playing the “Choking Game”. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines this game as “self-strangulation or strangulation by another person with hands or noose to achieve a brief euphoric state caused by cerebral hypoxia.” According to CDC, someone can become unconscious in a matter of seconds leading to serious brain injury or even death (MMWR, February 15, 2008). Choking Game...
Reorganizational and Regular School Board Meeting – Thursday, July 10, 2014
The reorganizaitonal and regular meeting of the Greenburgh Eleven Board of Education is scheduled for Thursday, July 10, 2014.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in the Bethune Library.  For additional information, please contact Pamela Budd at (914) 693-8500 ext....